Horsley Hills


The hill station is situated 1265 meters above sea level. The climate is cool and pleasant throughout the year.

I rode with:
Muthu and Tiger...
I missed the pack and started alone from KR Puram, but within a few km met with Tiger and later joined Muthu who was waiting on the way- waiting for one of his friends who got issues with his bike who later had to leave the bike somewhere and ride with Muthu as pillion.
Muthu's (500cc) and Tiger's goldies rocked the way and reached HH after sunset.

HH ride was a preplanned, prearranged meet by RTMC and MadBulls. Though this wasn't any special occasion like an anniversary, I joined the ride to have a hang of the meeting and the party.

Ride to HH was smooth, the final stretch of course is a hike with several hairpins to the hill top.
Punnami AP Tourism Hill Resort is a good place to stay- Neat and nicely arranged cottages spread around in a hilly terrain with full of greenary.

I'm not happy that I missed to ride to places around where there are some caves and landscape sceneries, had a short ride to the other side of the resort to have a ride on the rocky surface and have a good view from top.

One important thing I learned this time was to keep a spare tube. Thankfully this happened when reached back at the KR Puram hanging bridge.

Bangalore (KR puram) - (NH4) Hoskote - (SH) Chintamani - Madanapalli - Horseley hills
~170 kms

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