Yelagiri Ride- MadBulls 5A

Yelagiri Ride- MadBulls 5A
Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu stands at 920m above sea level. It is a hill station with healthy climate prevailing throught the year. There are 14 villages in Yelagiri and the are mostly tribals.

Mad Bulls (MBMC- Madras Bulls Motorcycle Club) celebrates their 5th anniversary at Yelagiri and RTMC has been invited to participate.
Mad Bulls rode from Chennai and RTMC from Bangalore... Few club members from other places... And of course two riders from Trivandrum- those were the longest rode ones.
The pain MadBulls have taken to make arrangements for the event is truely appreciable.
Arrangement of the track for some fun events... Arrangement of the DJ's place inside the transport container near the track... etc. etc etc...

28.04.07; 8:00 am
Departed from Koramangala as a group of around 10.
Breakfast from Reliance A1
Ride was good.
Trishul, Chandra, Kam, Jaggu, Dikso... those are few whom I rode with.
We all reached yelagiri before noon. I liked the final 9km uphill ride with lots of hair pins to reach the hill top.

Checked in at the Country club resort and headed to a track arranged by Mad bulls, 7km away from the resort. I'm not sure if Nithin is happy that no one knew him as Nithin at the check in counter, even heard from them that there is no booking for Nithin.
"What about Al Pissino?"
Oh Al Pissino... Why didn't you say that before?
Way to go Pissino :)

Track was noisy. people taking rides on the track... Photographers covering the action... DJ Dosai blasts the air with music...

Now comes the event 'beer picking'. Beer cans are placed at different places on the track and riders need to pick it while riding without touching their feet on ground. The beer you pick successfully is yours. Wonderful... I could pick it after a few unsuccessful attempts. It's beer and cant miss it.

Food was served there brought in a pickup. Chappathi, Biriani, chicken... Good stuff...
Some went for short rides, but most of them got back at the resort after food.
Chit chat time, meeting new people who've met and known only in the net...

Evening, Madbulls started preparation for the night bash.Events were colorful. MadBulls 5A cake cutting followed by the party.
I don't remember when I went to sleep, surely it was after midnight.

Nothing is scheduled for the day except the return ride. I wanted to have a ride around in Yelagiri. Got Kams company and we headed for some site seeing through the narrowest village roads. It's hard to believe that there is that much level(not flat) area on top of that hill. Anyway cant say that the climate is too good considering that Yelagiri is considered as one hill station with cool climate, but cant forget the fact that down under it's hell hot.

We had breakfast from an outside local hotel and the hotel guy came running with a copy of that day's newspaper with the coverage on the 5A event. The bullet group's visit became so popular there that most of the people were aware of the event happening there.

We headed back to Bangalore after others too finished their breakfast from the resort. We had a solid ride back, had an early lunch from the A1 and got back home after noon.
The pain behind all the arrangements deserve much more than mere appreciation. MadBulls did it fantastically well. I counted 75 bullets, not sure exactly how many were there for the meet.

I can't miss to comment on two guys who had the longest and most painful ride. Jay and Venu rode from Trivandrum to yelagiri. Jay had to do a complete engine reassembly to resolve issue with the floating bush on the way with an unknown mechanic, that too in 12 Hrs. Hats off to you guys... Your spirit is truly admirable.

Distance: Yelagiri is about 175 km from bangalore.
Route: Bangalore - Hosur- Krishangiri (Left turn at the second fly over) - Vaniyambadi (right turn just before the town) - Ponneri Junction (left turn) - Yelagiri

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