Kodai - Munnar Monsoon Ride

Unexpectedly the idea of going home via Kodai and Munnar got developed all of a sudden.

Visiting Bobby’s place is a long due. Now is the time- when that kick to ride is irresistible. By the time I hit Kerala, monsoon will start. Scope for a wonderfull experience too...

Through the moderate temperature of KA, hot planes of TN, chill of Kodai and Munnar and the rains of KL.
It all happened as expected.
Welcome rain drenched me at Kodai itself, did not even get time to put on the rain gear. Thanks to Bobbychayan for hosting me at his home. Cooking and having food with Bobby is always homely.

Riding through the misty Munnar was as the most blissful ride as usual.

Return ride from Tdpa to Bangalore via Selam...

Fish curry and rice Lunch at somewhere between krishnagiri and Dharmapuri, wish I remember the name of that fish. Only thing I remember is that I tripped on the taste of that fish curry.

Started at 5:00, hit home in Blr at 2:20
Odo read 571km
Two stops- breakfast and lunch.
Another butt breaker...

And back to office in the evening after a nap... What an irony... Life is like that!

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