Another solo to Bangalore, it was hot!

Oh my god…
This world is no more a better place to ride in summer! - atleast this part of the world...
I'm sure it was, at its younger age. Then it never used to test the endurance of men or machines much. May be both are supposed to become harder as time passes by.
Want to feel the extend of global warming?

Just have a ride in the summer. Believe me its hell hot.

I rode back to Bangalore from home- Thodupuzha. Took off at 1:00 pm hoping to reach more hot Tamilnadu roads by evening and not get roasted much. But felt how chicken gets grilled in an oven.

Basically i dont like sun, i dont like heat, i dont like the sun glare...
Oops i rode the first 250km. without a jacket too. Riding with jacket on, in humid Kerala means getting (s)wet and boiled.

I had my dinner at 10:00. It was somewhere between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri, I found a place in front of a closed shop to settle down and have the parceled food. Meanwhile one old begger lady came with her dog to see someone else claimed their place. Both gave me suspicious looks. Noone likes intrusion, even I don't. Before me thinking about retreat, it seemed like she understood that I'd just borrowed the place for few minutes and this begger is leaving in any moment :) The success lies in exchanging the thoughts silently but effectively by both the parties . A potential clash has now melted down. This is a million dollar lesson for Musharaf and Manmohan Singh. But they don't seem lo learn and I can't force them too.

Apart from the initial heat issue and the usual loneliness the ride was good without any events; Reached Bangalore at 12:00 midnight.


Anonymous said...

Hey man
wonderful. When did you went home on Bullet?


Anuji Abraham said...

reminds me motor cycle diaries. :)

Jo said...

Yes, but I didn't like them selling the bike in between.