My encounter with stray dogs!

JP Nagar, 5th phase. The very next signal after the telephone exchange building on the right side. There is a small restaurant next to the exchange building. I'm riding towards home. It's around 1 pm , last Monday. I was hungry. I took a U turn at the signal and headed towards the restaurant. There there are... Three stray dogs... tongs outside, waiting for their prey's approach on the roadside... The prey was asked to pull over.
One dog : There is no right turn here
Me : Yes I know, I did not take the right, I took a U.

The dogs made other preys pull over too. One on a Maruti 800 started shouting at them. They barked at him back even louder. 800 stopped yelling out his point. That is useless anyway.

The dogs were not hungry, they were greedy. This is how they operate. (I can't say that is how they make their living, coz its not about making a living. Beggars on roadsides and at signals make their living very decently. There is nothing for comparison at all.)

They checked and verified all the originals of my vehicle documents.

One who looks around 50 yrs old saw my KL no. plate and became so happy. He saw my office Id hanging on my jeans' clip too. These two things attract the blood suckers... He opened up his pan rich mouth and started spitting out something like this "People like you enjoy in so and so big companies and make huge money...." (And these "poor" ones struggle hard on the road side to "serve" the country.)

I checked my wallet. There was only 130 bucks and some coins. I said this is what I have, I'm going for food, but you take it. I need to go and sleep atleast, coz I have to go to work at night. Another older looking one said, NO, the fine for non KA vehicle is 600. He is raising the bar. (God, have mercy on this *******)

Alright, then I will sit here with you guys dreaming about that 600 bucks.

Meanwhile the strays were busy gathering more and more preys. Some escaped, some got caught up in the trap.

I didn't have time to waste. So, that was it.... 130....

I didn't have lunch that day. I went home and slept. I did not feel hungry at all...!
I respect the ones who do their job faithfully, they are less in numbers though

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