Goa Ride

08.07.2011, I’m on my way to Goa.
On NH4, somewhere between Tumkur and Chitradurga, it happened again! Fuel is over. This Jan, while on the way from Pune to Bangalore, I had to buy less than 200ml fuel for Rs.50 from a local when it got over. There is that long stretch without any bunk, I hate it. I knew it, but this time the bike proved to be a real drunked. Thanks to the heaviest of cross winds I have experienced and speed.
Due to circumstance the reserve could not fetch me till the next bunk. Engine is dead and the bike is rolling to a standstill.  I saw someone on bike coming from behind on the rear view. Just to try my luck I waved my hand and he stopped. I said petrol is over, will I be able to find fuel anywhere around... To my surprise he said “let me go and get some fuel. let me hurry up, else I’ll be late to office”. Before I could dig in for my valet, he’s taken a U turn and is gone. In another 10 min he is back with a bottle (1ltr) of petrol. I took out 100 bucks and gave it to him. He said its 78 (since black). I said, don't have to search for change. He said NO. He gave me Rs. 20 back. He couldn’t fine 2 rupees coin. Or else he would have given that too back.
I am speechless. He is rare breed- almost extinct in today’s world! Lucky to meet that gentleman...

Started at around 6 in the morning from Bangalore, had a 12hr ride through heavy and moderate rains...
Hit and finished a dog after Tumkur (thankfully it was quick, no suffering involved)
Luckily I stayed steady- Thank god. Thanks to the new front shock absorbers.
I haven't seen this kind of weird rain before. It starts heavily and by the time I have the rain gear on, it stops. As a precaution if decide to keep them on, it wouldn't rain again until I remove it out of suffocation. This drama continued till reaching Goa.
In the confusion, one turn was missed and the route had to be altered and ended up doing another 90km more making it 700km total.

Thanks to Jaising Bhandari and Guru for the planing and company at Goa.
Who thought in Goa I'm going to meet Dominic who lives in Chennai. World is so small.
Did spend nice time roaming around in Goa, unlike the last time. Good to meet the local boy Dominic.
Return at night proved to be the most straining ride. God knows how i got rid of sleep - splashing water into eyes and on head, taking tea breaks every now and then... Made it by around 6:30 morning at Bangalore.

Memorable 3 days...

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