Pune - Bangalore Ride

Pune - Bangalore

Relocation from Pune to Bangalore and a ride to make it memorable... I did it my way.

Started at 7:30 in the morning, I saw sun rising up on my left side and saw it going up slowly and finally setting on my right side. I knew that is when I'm going to hit Blr. I saw the progress looking at my shadow. I enjoyed the shadow dancing on the road with the background music of engine. I've never noticed that combination before!

Thankfully the road hardly had any bad patches. Long stretches without turns were boring. Did I feel sleepy... I doubt so...

926km including ride inside both cities took more than 12 hrs of continuous riding.
Three full tanks of fuel completely emptied, the lady proved to be a drunker this time. Can't expect anything better at high cruising speed anyway. Had to manage an empty tank situation as well. One very "generous" villager sold me 250ml petrol from his bike for Rs. 50 to reach the next bunk 2 km away from where I got stranded and proved to be the most "helpful".

At 100+ consistent cruising speed bike behaved simply awesome. Slightly weak oil rings did not fail, half dead battery did not die, The Lady proved to be trustworthy again.


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R Niranjan Das said...

That should have been a fabulous ride. Would love to do it sometime.