Markonahalli reservoir is a beautiful place away from the city to have a relaxed ride to.
My first ride with RTMC
All started with an internet search for a riding club in Bangalore and a yahoo chat with Karthikeyan Perumal whose id I got from the group and who was fortunately available for chat at the same time.
An announce ride is happening after almost two months since joining the announce group.

I just wanted to have someone whom I know before with me and just invited piston. He happily joined the ride as my pillion.
Piston is new to this riding stuff and he just wanted to try it with me as a pillion. My rough rear shock absorber and pillion seat gave him enough torture.

Two bikes broke on the way. One was towed back to Bangalore and the other ones’ broken clutch repaired by a fellow biker. Don’t know his name though.

I remember only few RTMCian names
Bamboo on a red machismo, Bakery who keeps one full bakery stuff inside the saddle bag, Sam on BMW650, Dicso... others… forgot names but remember the faces.

Oh yeah… Dutta brought his family too in his Chevy forester. Unfortunately the 4W drive got stuck in the slush at the markonahalli dam site and it was really a himalayan task to bring it up even with the help of some locals.

Few faces I met who are new to RTMC:
Sreekanth- the bearded guy running in with his new electra,
Chandra- the photographer with a Nikon D80 and
Kamalesh on his new TB.
Jagdeep on a DL std bull.
Sreeram Iyar on his Machismo

It was nice to have a new experience with a new ride group- comparatively big in size and entirely a new riding culture and attitude.

Looking forward to do the second announce ride and join the RTMC main group.

Bangalore - Neelamangal - Kunigal - Markonahalli. Distance : 90km aprx.
Left turn from Kunigal from where the reservoir is around 10kms.

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